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Not sponsors. The Car HMi Europe is a unique event in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our partners to reach their targets and inspire innovation.

Position your business as a thought leader at the Car HMi Berlin and become a partner today!

Who Should Become a Sponsor?

Solution providers offering services on the following topics:

  • Display & Cluster Solutions, HMI Tools, Development Tools
  • Typefaces Technology  Gesture & Voice Recognition Solutions
  • Navigation and Location-Based Products and Services, Maps
  • Haptic Technology
  • Embedded User Interface Solutions
  • Software and Systems Solutions for Embedded Systems, Middleware

Get an exclusive access to HMI and user experience decision-makers

  • Present your service and product portfolio in an informal setting
  • Evaluate upcoming projects and planned investments via conect’in
  • Be a thought leader through best-in-class sessions, roundtables and workshops
  • Evaluate in more than 30 hours networking exactly the needs of your potential clients

Business Partner 2018

What we develop moves you. As one of the world’s leading engineering partners, IAV is developing tomorrow’s mobility. Our engineering is tried and proven in vehicles from OEMs across the globe. Benefiting from over 35 years of experience and a range of expertise second to none, we combine the best from many different worlds: automotive and IT world, hardware and software world, product and service world. With over 6,500 members of staff and first-class technical facilities, we assist our customers in realizing their projects at more than 30 IAV operations – from concept to start of production. Our goal: better mobility.


Konica Minolta Sensing Europe B.V., part of Konica Minolta Inc. Japan, is a leading provider of measurement solutions for applications in the fields of Colour & Appearance and Light Measurements. Konica Minolta Sensing Europe serves the industry in more than 30 countries in the EMEA region with Branches and qualified Distributors. In the area of Light & Display measurement technology, Konica Minolta Colour Analyzers enjoy an “industry standard” position.


Ergoneers GmbH was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the faculty of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich. Today the company has a worldwide presence through three offices in Manching (Germany), Geretsried (Germany) and Portland (USA) and through global sales partners; serving the Transportation / Automotive, Market Research & Usability, Science and Sports / Biomechanics application areas. In addition to development, manufacturing and distribution of measurement & analysis systems for behavioral research and optimization of human-machine-interaction, Ergoneers also offers comprehensive expertise in each phase of your study. Our product portfolio primarily comprises of the 360-degree solution – D-Lab; an extensive software platform for capturing and analyzing human behavior. With its different software modules you can synchronously measure and analyze eye-tracking, data stream, head tracking, video, audio, physiology and CAN-Bus data. With the Dikablis Eye-Tracking system, Ergoneers provides the best hardware for professional Eye-Tracking studies in real or virtual environments.


Monotype provides the design assets, technology and expertise that help you create beautiful, authentic and impactful brands that your customers will engage with and value, wherever they experience your brand, now and in the future.

Our fonts and technologies are designed to enable creative expression and give brands a distinct global voice. We’re behind the text you read in newspapers and books, in the apps on your phone, in the websites you browse, on the dashboard you scan, on the goods you buy, and in the games you play. We bring the world’s words to the page and the screen.

We have a library of over 10,000 fonts, the product of the world’s most celebrated and gifted type designers.


Sony Depthsensing Solutions is a leader in 3D vision and gesture recognition technologies. The company’s DepthSense® 3D CMOS Time-of-Flight sensors and cameras, together with advanced middleware, provide cutting-edge 3D vision capabilities for a wide variety of industries including gaming, AR/VR, PC, mobile and automotive.


At B-Secur, we aim to make an individual’s unique heartbeat the connection between their devices and them. We specialise in heartbeat (ECG) algorithms to quickly and securely identify an individual, as well as provide health & wellness metrics. This allows us to not only use your heartbeat as a form of identification, like a fingerprint or facial recognition, but also turn heartbeat data into meaningful insights on fitness, stress and fatigue. Using ECG as a biometric enables new technologies and further break-through functions in the area of driver vital signs for readiness detection including:
• Heartrate, indication of stress, drowsiness levels and driver presence
• Driver authentication including vehicle entry and secure, keyless driver ignition
• Personalisation of infotainment, connected devices and payment options


Siili is a Software Development Studio focused on the Human Machine Interface of next generation vehicles. We have worked with industry leading OEMs and integrators since 2013, supporting their projects in a variety of stages ranging from visionary prototypes to production instrument cluster software engineering and design. We have offices in Los Angeles, Detroit, Berlin and software studios in Wroclaw, Szczecin and Oulu. Siili Solutions has over 600 experts in software engineering, design and data and our 2017 revenue was 58 million Euro.


Our Sekisui S-LEC™ interlayer film is applied to laminated glass in buildings and automobiles. It is used for safety and security (no scattering of glass upon impact) and shielding of UV-radiation, sound and heat. Forty years of continuous improvement of our glass interlayer technology have made us the leading brand for PVB interlayer film in the automotive industry.


Elektrobit (EB) is an award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 30 years serving the industry, EB‘s software powers over 1 billion devices in more than 90 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for connected car infrastructure, human machine interface (HMI) technologies, navigation, driver assistance, electronic control units (ECUs), and software engineering services. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental.


Luxoft is an industry-leading software integrator and solution house for automakers and automotive suppliers. There are millions of cars on the road today with User Experience (UX) and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) designed by Luxoft. We offer a wide range of embedded software for in-vehicle infotainment and telematics systems, digital instrument clusters, head-up displays and more. We push the technology envelope by leading in the development of computer vision, augmented reality, situation-aware HMI, and mobile device connectivity. As a member of GENIVI Alliance, Luxoft helps shape the connectivity standards of the future.

With many years of experience in creating automotive software for the leading global automakers, Luxoft offers a full HMI development cycle. Which means you can get HMI design, human factors, specifications and implementation – all from a single provider. Luxoft’s “know-how,” the Populus and Teora UX and HMI design tool chains, power the development of superior automotive HMIs, significantly reducing time from an initial brainstorming session to the production-ready HMI, and ensuring a bug-free operation. Luxoft also helps implement eCall- and ERA GLONASS-compliant solutions for OEMs. Luxoft’s extensive portfolio of in-house R&D products and platforms include an award-winning UX reference design platform, AllView, open source connectivity technology, SDL Profiles, an extension for GENIVI’s SmartDeviceLink, and more.

We are proud to serve such automotive leaders as Ford, Harman, Continental, Delphi, Panasonic and many more from our offices in Stuttgart and Detroit supported by offshore delivery centers in Eastern Europe and Vietnam. With a solid foundation of technical excellence and proven success in complex automotive solutions, Luxoft is a trusted partner to bring innovation, decrease development costs and increase the speed to market. For more information, visit us online at



Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) is seen as the leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with information. Nuance is reinventing the relationship between people and technology through speech and language solutions driven by advances in Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing. It has pioneered the evolution of speech recognition technology that today integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the way people interact with the devices, systems, apps, and services that surround them.

The Nuance Automotive business delivers automotive-grade solutions enabling drivers all over the world access to information and services and providing the safest, smartest and most natural user experience. Nuance’s voice technology has been shipped in more than 160 million cars from Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat and other major automakers and is at the heart of over 14 million connected car experiences on the market today. Nuance’s Dragon Drive provides the industry’s most comprehensive suite of solutions for the connected car, giving automakers and suppliers the ability to deliver a natural language-based automotive assistant that is customized for their individual brand.


At NOLTE&LAUTH, we put a deep understanding of real people at the center of business decision-making. Our teams specialize in using human centered insights and design thinking to create better experiences for employees of some of the world’s largest and most admired companies and their customers.

For ten years N&L has helped Daimler, Postbank, Bosch, Danone and others to apply visionary experience design as a change management blueprint for business process innovation and the application of new technologies.


The Qt Company develops and delivers the Qt development framework under commercial and open source licenses. Qt enables the reuse of software code across all operating systems, platforms and screen types, from desktops and embedded systems to wearables and mobile devices. Qt is used by approximately one million developers worldwide and is the platform of choice for in-vehicle digital cockpits, automation systems, medical devices, Digital TV/STB and other business critical applications in 70+ industries.


Rightware® provides tools and services for development of advanced digital user interfaces. The Kanzi® philosophy is based on designer empowerment, prioritizing ease of use, rapid prototyping, workflow efficiency, high performance, and cross-platform support. Our passion is to unleash creativity and to enable fantastic user experiences. As a Thundersoft® company, our combined skills and assets allow us to deliver fully integrated HMI solutions, engineering support, and design services for automotive customers across the globe. Rightware continues to operate as an independent subsidiary, headquartered in Finland with a presence in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, South Korea, and Japan. Trusted by over 35 car brands, we are on track to powering the user experience in over 20 million cars by 2022.


We fuse digital with physical HMI

Pilotfish is a strategic design consultancy where we transform smart technologies into desirable and meaningful user experiences. We specialise in creating compelling human machine interactions by fusing the digital and physical aspects of HMI design. Over many years, we have been working with industry-leading automotive companies to build and implement tangible HMI strategies.

Based on our cross-industry expertise, we support our customers in driving the convergence of connected consumer electronics and automotive experiences and services. We analyse your end customers’ expectations to provide new insights and solutions that generate value. Through cross-pollination of other industries’ developments with the automotive world, we extract invaluable input for our creative output. By conducting qualitative user research and user validation with experiential prototypes, we understand the end users’ needs and transform these insights into solutions that connect and interact with people in an enjoyable way. In everything we do, we consider the entire customer journey to successfully fuse digital with physical HMI experiences.



Analog Devices is the leading global high-performance analog technology company dedicated to solving the toughest engineering challenges. We enable our customers to interpret the world around us by intelligently bridging the physical and digital with unmatched technologies that sense, measure, power, connect and interpret.


Smart Eye is regarded as a global leader in the development of remote multi-camera head and eye tracking solutions enabling complete freedom of movement within any given application environment while retaining impressive levels of gaze accuracy, field of view and robustness.

Smart Eye was founded to bridge the gap between man and machine and is today regarded as a global leader in the development of multi-camera head and eye tracking solutions for Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace research and manufacturing industries.

We are proud of our position in the market as the gold standard for remote eye tracking, enabling complete freedom of movement within any given application environment while retaining impressive levels of gaze accuracy, field of view and robustness.

Our real-time and completely non-invasive solutions are used by over several hundred clients over the world to support research projects in areas including HCI, Human Factors, Neuroscience, Psychology, and more.


Telemotive is a renowned automotive supplier for engineering services as well as data loggers, electronics for laboratory set-ups, and test tools. The core competencies in engineering are bus systems, infotainment, connectivity, driver assistance, vehicle diagnostics, electromobility, and EMC. The services range from systems integration over technology consulting to hardware and software development. The company has five German locations. Its customers include national and international automotive groups and suppliers. Since 2016 the company is part of the global automotive supplier Magna International and belongs to the Magna Steyr group.



A Natural User Interface. Our vision is a world with human centric interfaces – where people interact with technology in a natural way and innovative solutions enhance personal comfort and safety. As gestigon is part of the Valeo group, we are committed to a mobility experience providing safety, comfort and excitement.


MyScript is the source of the world’s most advanced and effective technology for handwriting recognition and digital ink management. Leading automobile companies and solution providers depend on MyScript to power their most innovative and successful offerings.

Innovative, industry-leading technology

MyScript handwriting recognition and digital ink management technology provides optimal, consistent results with any digital writing device. In addition to the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate text recognition technology, MyScript can recognize complex mathematical equations, geometric shapes, and music notation.

With nearly 100 languages supported and a truly international team, MyScript serves customers worldwide from its headquarters in Nantes, France, and regional offices located in China, Japan, the U.S., and beyond.



For over 20 years, DiSTI has been a global leader in the development of User Interface software for commercial businesses and governments. The company’s flagship product, GL Studio, enables programmers and developers to build high-fidelity Safety Critical 3D graphics, enhancing the level of interactivity and sophistication for embedded automotive applications, while providing superior performance and visual quality.

Over 4,600 end users and 700 customers worldwide, including Boeing, Calsonic Kansei, Chrysler, Continental, ESG, Jaguar Land Rover, Honeywell, Hyundai, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Nissan, Raytheon, TATA, Thales and Virgin Galactic, use DiSTI solutions to build safety critical and non-safety critical embedded HMI displays and create Virtual Maintenance Training simulators. As a full service provider, DiSTI offers a complement of custom programming, architecture and UI development services, and is the recognized leader in embedded target solutions for the automotive, aerospace and medical markets. For more information, visit


We envision a world in which devices are smart to better serve mankind, and that these devices are remotely powered for better content, optimal performance, and improved data capturing ability. Real Wireless Power enables all that. No more plugs, no cables, no charging mats. Our flagship product Cota, is wireless power safely delivered:
• Automatically without user intervention
• While in motion
• To multiple devices and sensors at a time
• Without the need for line of sight

Privately held and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, MothersonOssia is dedicated to improving the way we live and do business


What our partners say and why they love attending our conferences…

Our Mission

Opportunities as a Business Partner at Car HMI Europe
With a huge range of options available to suit your budget and business development needs, our dedicated tailored Business Partner packages willallow you to make the most of your presence at the event with:

Showcase your products
Educate OEMs, Tier 1 and the whole automotive ecosystem on how to overcome key tech and business challenges. We will work with you to create a bespoke speaking opportunity and marketing package that best represents your service portfolio.

Lead generation
With 300+ of decision makers present from the entire HMI & UX ecosystem you will have access to a heavy buyer-led audience for lead generation.

Reach industry decision makers
With the top HMI engineers and UX professionals, product owners & business developers in place, you will reach your tailor suited audience.

Increase your visibility and position your company as an industry leader

An expo stand in our dedicated networking and expo area will give you the visibility you need to promote your offering to your target audience.

You will get the chance to

  • Engage with all relevant OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers & the entire ecosystem
  • Influence business strategies and create new opportunities for your business
  • Be part of real-life problem solving conversations to position your expertise
  • Showcase how companies have successfully enhanced their businesses using your new products, services and solutions

Primary Media Partner

Smart Mobility Hub is the knowledge-exchange platform for automotive professionals, innovative technical pioneers and decision-makers. Learn about the most innovative technologies and how OEMs, Tier-1s, tech start-ups and research institutes pave their way into our vehicles.



Media Partner

The Internet of Things (IoT) is affecting every aspect of our daily lives, but none more than Transport. Car buyers see financial and environmental benefits in buying transport services, not vehicles. With vehicle connectivity and autonomy, this is changing the car, how we use it, and the business model for a global industry. Smart cities need integrated, green, and cost-efficient public transport services. Airports, ports and rail stations will benefit from greater connectivity, optimising the use of existing infrastructure, and rationalising investments.


With exclusive analyst reports and specialist journalists, IoT Now is the leading global brand covering the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communications (M2M), embedded devices and connected consumer devices. Delivering webcasts, bi-monthly magazines, white-papers, daily news and expert opinion pieces, IoT Now focuses on the deployment of these technologies across the enterprise, automotive, logistics, healthcare, utilities, travel, security and smart city verticals.


The IoT Global Network, is a new destination for the IoT community. The IoT Global Network is a platform where you can connect with industry experts and network across the IoT community to build the successful IoT business of the future. The IoT Global Network will increase transparency across the industry, providing a comprehensive guide while informing and raising awareness of issues and industry regulation. With regular news and blogs from experts plus up-to-date information about IoT events around the world, the IoT Global Network is a dedicated resource for every IoT professional.


Tractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology. The company’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across multiple application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, User Interface Technologies, Wearable Devices, and Digital Health.


Vehicle Electronics is a free monthly magazine for hardware and software engineers working in the automotive sector.


Driverless.global  is a specialist online resource, focusing on Driverless / Autonomous Vehicles, related Technologies and all aspects of the ever changing world of Transportation. We have a wide, increasing range of categories. Add your own Company Listings, Industry Events, Related Articles, Products & Services, Jobs and Opportunities.


Autonomes-Fahren.de – The daily magazin provides updates on autonomous driving and Co. Get the latest insights into recent innovations with regards to Advanced driver assistance systems, robotis and smart homes including household appliances such as robotic hoovers and lawnmowers.

Autelligence is a leading provider of business analysis and independent news on automotive component technologies. Founded in 2003 to distribute research developments in the automotive industry to automotive professionals, it has evolved into a distinctive independent voice on developments in the industry. It continues to draw on contributions from leading journalists in the automotive technology field.


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