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Be Part of the Leading, Global Automotive HMI & UX Business Event I Join Car HMI Europe as a Partner
Car HMI offers you the unique opportunity to position your business in front of leading automotive HMI & UX experts and is designed to maximise your time with your target audience and new business prospects. From thought-provoking plenary and business stream sessions to networking at the Icebreaker and World Café sessions, your company will be front and center. Do you have a solution or product and want to present, exhibit or meet active buyers?

Business Partner 2021

Primary Partner

Altia specializes in human-machine interface (HMI) development software and services for production embedded displays. Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers leverage Altia’s tools and services to develop and deploy custom graphics for instrument clusters, head-up displays, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, radios, ADAS displays and integrated cockpit applications. The Altia tool chain includes an integrated, efficient and easy-to-use 3D design flow, global language support and much more. Altia Professional Engineering Services deliver global support across the HMI development lifecycle – from graphics development and user experience research through to testing, functional safety certification and production.


Business Partner

Monotype® is a leading global provider of typefaces, technology and expertise than enable the best user experiences and ensure brand integrity.  We bring text imaging capabilities to any screen including the automotive and telematics market where we believe the right font and font technologies can intrinsically enhance the automotive experience and increase the usability of an in-vehicle display.  By combining our rendering technologies with thousands of fonts in Monotype’s libraries, our automotive font solutions provide support for the world’s major languages and may enhance text comprehension to reduce driver glance time.



What we develop moves you. As one of the world’s leading engineering partners, IAV is developing tomorrow’s mobility. Our engineering is tried and proven in vehicles from OEMs across the globe. Benefiting from over 35 years of experience and a range of expertise second to none, we combine the best from many different worlds: automotive and IT world, hardware and software world, product and service world. With over 6,500 members of staff and first-class technical facilities, we assist our customers in realizing their projects at more than 30 IAV operations – from concept to start of production. Our goal: better mobility.


The Qt Company develops and delivers the Qt development framework under commercial and open source licenses. Qt enables the reuse of software code across all operating systems, platforms and screen types, from desktops and embedded systems to wearables and mobile devices. Qt is used by approximately one million developers worldwide and is the platform of choice for in-vehicle digital cockpits, automation systems, medical devices, Digital TV/STB and other business critical applications in 70+ industries.


TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information and services. To achieve our vision of a safer world, free of congestion and emissions, we create innovative technologies that keep the world moving. By combining our extensive experience with leading business and technology partners, we power connected vehicles, smart mobility and, ultimately, autonomous driving.  Headquartered in Amsterdam with offices in 30 countries, TomTom’s technologies are trusted by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. For more information, visit our website at


Appen is a global leader in the development of high-quality, human annotated datasets for machine learning and artificial intelligence, with over 15 years of automotive industry experience. We work with leading Tier 1 suppliers and 7 of the top 10 global OEMs, supporting over 180 languages. Appen’s experienced team – including experts in Detroit – has the resources on the ground to accelerate your product development and testing workflow. Our expertise includes natural language utterance collection in a wide range of acoustic environments, and high-quality data annotation for multiple data types. We also provide speech recordings, localization of prompts, grammars and full dialog flow, head unit validation, text-to-speech evaluation and pronunciation lexicons for local map data worldwide. Our training data helps to improve self-driving vehicles, enhance voice recognition, improve human-machine interaction, and more.


Mobica is a global software services provider, delivering enabling technologies that transform business outcomes.

We offer custom software engineering from concept and development, through to testing and integration, across the software stack from chip to cloud. Our teams collaborate with customers to design, develop and test, robust, production ready software.

Mobica is a member of GENIVI and Khronos, working across the automotive value chain. We work as a development partner, directly with vehicle OEMs, Tier 1s and specialist automotive ISVs, semiconductor vendors including Intel and Arm, and for payment providers and after sales equipment manufacturers, (incl. navigation and cameras). With R&D sites across UK, US and Poland, we specialise in turning complex business challenges into competitive advantage through cross-industry expertise and an ability to deliver at scale, particularly in our high expertise areas creating infotainment, ADAS and connectivity solutions.


In 2008, paragon semvox GmbH was founded as SemVox GmbH, a spin-off from the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). Since its foundation the software company engages in the development of efficient AI voice control and smart assistance systems for different business partners, aiming at the simplification of people’s lives and their work environments.

paragon semvox offers the most sophisticated AI interaction technology in the world market. With the help of the paragon semvox AI core technology, the development of smart assistants is made in a few steps. paragon semvox’ customer base consists of renowned automotive companies like Audi and Volkswagen as well as businesses from the domains robotics, industry and e-commerce.

In October 2018, paragon semvox allied with paragon, one of the leading experts for automotive electronics components to operate its own digital assistance business unit. paragon semvox currently employs 67 people at its headquarter in Kirkel, Germany.


eye square is an international Market Research institute with a focus on psychological methods. For over 19 years we have been one of the leading innovators in implicit research.

Our clients include leading international companies in the field of consumer electronics, e-commerce, finance, automotive, pharma and media.
We help you to develop innovative products. With us you can focus your communication successfully through the technological and media changes of our time.
We offer our services on the three most important consumer touchpoints: Brand & Media Experience, User Experience and Shopper Experience.



Allround is an automotive supplier – our work revolves all around cars and interfaces.

We drive human-centered design: An interface doesn´t just have to work well. It has to look aesthetic and be fun to use. Our designers know just how to make this happen. With their profound knowledge and attention for detail, they put the fun in functional.

Design the test: Our team of experienced psychologists gets into the user’s head. Sounds creepy?   It´s not, it’s fun. We take your customers into the test vehicle, driving simulator or lab. This way we harvest real insights.

Make ideas a reality: Our developers juggle the 0s and 1s, they do the fiddling, screwing and wiring. In the end they conjure up functional prototypes, that can withstand the most rigorous testing – fully-interactive. And let your users experience your ideas hands-on


German Autolabs is a pioneer in automotive voice AI. Its Automotive Voice Assistance platform, AVA, offers a full stack conversational assistance solution for the mobility sector. With its retrofit hardware, Chris, the digital co-driver, German Autolabs bypasses automotive development cycles by leveraging deep domain knowledge of driver behavior through the biggest connected fleet on the road. The fully offline-capable AVA platform provides customizable white-label technology solutions for global verticals such as automotive, fleet management, insurance and aftermarket consumer electronics. Powered by AVA, businesses take disruptive voice products and solutions to market, fast. For more information, please visit


Smart Eye is regarded as a global leader in the development of remote multi-camera head and eye tracking solutions enabling complete freedom of movement within any given application environment while retaining impressive levels of gaze accuracy, field of view and robustness.

Smart Eye was founded to bridge the gap between man and machine and is today regarded as a global leader in the development of multi-camera head and eye tracking solutions for Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace research and manufacturing industries.

We are proud of our position in the market as the gold standard for remote eye tracking, enabling complete freedom of movement within any given application environment while retaining impressive levels of gaze accuracy, field of view and robustness.

Our real-time and completely non-invasive solutions are used by over several hundred clients over the world to support research projects in areas including HCI, Human Factors, Neuroscience, Psychology, and more.


Business Partner Community

Immersion is a leader in the development of haptic technology, used to create digital simulations of touch. Immersion licenses technology solutions and know-how to help its partners and customers to incorporate the excitement and energy of haptics in their product offerings. In automotive, Immersion provides comprehensive solutions for implementing haptics in interactive touch surfaces.  With haptics, automotive OEMs and their suppliers can improve system performance and durability, increase capabilities, improve usability, and streamline interior design. Haptics brings a unique experience and elevates the quality perception of an automotive brand.


Elektrobit (EB) is an award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 30 years serving the industry, EB‘s software powers over 1 billion devices in more than 100 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for connected car infrastructure, human machine interface (HMI) technologies, driver assistance, electronic control units (ECUs), and software engineering services. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental.


The world’s premier Creative Technology Studio fully focused on Product Innovation and Product Creation of software and digital services for next generation vehicles.


Rightware® provides tools and services for development of advanced digital user interfaces. The Kanzi® philosophy is based on designer empowerment, prioritizing ease of use, rapid prototyping, workflow efficiency, high performance, and cross-platform support. Our passion is to unleash creativity and to enable fantastic user experiences. As a ThunderSoft® company, our combined skills and assets allow us to deliver fully integrated HMI solutions, engineering support, and design services for automotive customers across the globe. Rightware continues to operate as an independent subsidiary, headquartered in Finland with a presence in the United States, Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, and Japan. Trusted by over 40 car brands, we are on track to powering the user experience in over 20 million cars by 2022.


Bittium provides intelligent and secure software solutions and professional engineering services for the Automotive, Industrial IoT, Telecom and MedTech markets. We at Bittium aim to accelerate the automotive industry evolution by leveraging our strong competence in software platforms like Android and Linux as well as our over 30 years of track record in wireless connectivity. Our high-quality solutions and services helps automotive industry suppliers to create reliable, intelligent and easy-to-use in-vehicle systems with a goal to make the driver’s experience as comfortable and safe as possible. Our focus areas include HMI & IVI development, vehicle monitoring and control as well as user security and privacy.


3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, our innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. We have made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. We even helped put a man on the moon. Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.


Candera GmbH in Linz / Austria is a major HMI tool provider and development partner for worldwide automotive, industrial, and telecommunication customers. Candera supports its customers with the CGI Studio tool environment as well as provision of software services mainly in the areas of HMI development and embedded software. Candera’s activities are driven by its close customer relationships and strong concentration on customers’ needs.


For over 20 years, DiSTI has been a global leader in the development of User Interface software for commercial businesses and governments. The company’s flagship product, GL Studio, enables programmers and developers to build high-fidelity Safety Critical 3D graphics, enhancing the level of interactivity and sophistication for embedded automotive applications, while providing superior performance and visual quality.

Over 4,600 end users and 700 customers worldwide, including Boeing, Calsonic Kansei, Chrysler, Continental, ESG, Jaguar Land Rover, Honeywell, Hyundai, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Nissan, Raytheon, TATA, Thales and Virgin Galactic, use DiSTI solutions to build safety critical and non-safety critical embedded HMI displays and create Virtual Maintenance Training simulators. As a full service provider, DiSTI offers a complement of custom programming, architecture and UI development services, and is the recognized leader in embedded target solutions for the automotive, aerospace and medical markets. For more information, visit


What’s in it for you – and why partner at the Car HMI Europe?

Partnering at Car HMI Europe is connecting you to the right people in a space designed to optimize your relationship-building and deal-making. Sponsorship gives you access to the leading design and technical experts focusing on the advancement of UX & HMI technologies in the automotive industry through:


Meet with 350+ senior level executives and most influential automotive user experience & human-machine interaction development experts from OEMs, T1s discuss the most pressing challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of future UX and next generation HMIs

Networking & Managed One2Ones

Talk to the people you’re there to meet in more than 30 hours of networking. Host your own private breakfasts & lunches, C-Level One2One meetings, cocktail parties… Your prospects will get back to the office with your brand on their minds!


Have your brand featured on the main agenda, in our unique event app, in emails, on our website, and throughout the event floor space. Benefit from the ultimate social selling – share an experience with your customers. Showcase your brand in innovative ways via website, live channels and conference app throughout the full 12-month cycle, as well as having a physical presence onsite.


Showcase your solutions and run product demos to drive demand amongst your target market. Benefit from our dedicated and extensive marketing campaign to assemble the automotive HMI & UX community.


Promote your business as a thought leader in the automotive HMI & UX ecosystem and launch a new product or business solution at the event.


Get your product in front of the right buyers – senior technical and business experts driving technology & strategy adoption enterprises, SMEs & start ups, gives an invaluable networking opportunity, providing a social and enjoyable environment to meet with all conference attendees and speakers. Drive sales leads pre, during and post event.

With the opportunity to meet other industry experts and the excellent presentation material it was well worth my time.
Dan Haizlip
Clarion Corporation
A collaboration of experts from multiple facets of the HMI and automotive communities.
Nathan Supplee
Calsonic Kansei North America
It was a very good experience for me to learn new HMI technologies and network with peers.
Lei Yang
Huawei R&D USA
The conference was well-organized and informative, and I found it really valuable.
Amin Tahmasbi
Honda R&D Americas
Content was very good, but the networking was even better!
Brian Rhodes
IHS Markit
Very good mixture of scientists, legal authorities, OEM representatives and partner companies sharing great insight into different perspectives on the topic.
Oliver Rumpf-Steppat
BMW of North America
Great presentations, brilliant networking opportunites, I will be back!
Peter Rössger
beyond HMI///// Peter Rössger Consulting
Great to connect with fellow colleagues in the HMI industry and learn about upcoming industry trends.
Greg Hoiland
Daimler Trucks North America


We understand that the key reasons to attend a conference are to network, learn from our peers and make valuable business contacts. To facilitate this, we have created a range of bespoke packages managed through our dedicated concierge team, allowing you to maximize your time on site, meet the people you need to and create lasting value-adding business connections. These include:

hubs101 Matchfinder! Powered by AI

hubs101 is we.CONECT’s unique Event App & Matchfinder – Use our unique matching platform to make new connections, arrange meetings and find tailored solutions to your needs.

search. find. match. network.

Meet! Car HMI Europe

Discover who else is participating at the Car HMI Europe. Our unique Polaroid Picture Wall will help you identify who you want to meet at the conference.

Thought provoking...

…hosted Icebreakers, World Café Round Tables and various other workshops – 2 ½ days full with interaction uncover project details from other motivated delegates themed by Expertise.

Onsite Meeting Service...

…to make sure that your scheduled meetings will happen.

Say Hello

Get the show on the road. Discover who is joining the conference and why. To warm you up for the conference we invite you to get to know your conference peers. Have your business cards ready.


Round tables on the evening before the first conference day. The Icebreaker is a first informal networking.

Networking Dinner

Wind down, enjoy great food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere to absorb all the new stimulations from the day.

Primary Media Partner

Smart Mobility Hub is the knowledge-exchange platform for automotive professionals, innovative technical pioneers and decision-makers. Learn about the most innovative technologies and how OEMs, Tier-1s, tech start-ups and research institutes pave their way into our vehicles.



Media Partner

SHARE TO LEARN: this is our motto.

Twitter Tech News brings you good practices from a supportive network of professionals focused on Automotive HMI, CAD/CAM/CAS and Virtual Reality for Designers. Our followers are Automotive OEM and Tier 1/Tier 2 Suppliers, CAD Designers, Concept Designers, Systems Integrators and 3D Visualisation Designers. Integrating LinkedIn and Twitter we massively boost networking activities, sharing and supporting the most important tech events across the globe through our network of professionals and social media followers.

Find an extensive list of Automotive and Virtual Reality events on our “open” calendar, including a free submission form to add your events for free. Highlight your case studies, product news, scientific researches to “share your knowledge” with a targeted audience and increase your network. Get in touch for a detailed overview of our stats to better plan your advert campaign on our pages and social media.

TTN is a project managed by Raffaele Schiavullo thanks to his experience as Senior 3D Specialist and HMI Developer.

Tractica is a market intelligence firm that focuses on human interaction with technology. The company’s market research and consulting services provide industry participants and stakeholders with in-depth analysis of emerging technology trends, business issues, market drivers, and end-user demand dynamics across multiple application domains including home, mobile, health, automotive, enterprise, and industrial markets. Tractica’s global market coverage combines qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide a comprehensive view of the emerging market opportunities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, User Interface Technologies, Wearable Devices, and Digital Health.


Who are our sponsors & exhibitors?

Our Business Partner are carefully selected to make sure that our attendees meet the right people. Car HMI Europe is covering following areas:

  • Smart Intuitive Vehicles, Intelligent Machines, Digital Living Spaces
  • Individualized Experiences & Personalization Concepts, Persona Development & Artificial Intelligence-Driven Personal Assistants & UX Personas
  • Voice UX, Voice User Interfaces Conversational Chatbots, Voice Control & Speech Interfaces
  • Anticipatory Design, Predictive UX, Predictive Modeling, Predictive-Analytics Algorithms for UX Design, Data-Driven UX Research & Using Machine Learning in Future Interaction Design
  • Next Generation Infotainment & Future Interaction Concepts for Autonomous Vehicles, Trucks, Robotaxis, Carsharing, Ridesharing & MaaS
  • Digital Services, Service Design & Branded Experiences
  • Infotainment Interfaces, Input & Control Devices, Multimodality, Software Development & Cockpit Architectures
  • Contextualization, Managing Complexity, Human Factors, Designing Driver Interfaces to Minimize Distraction, Keeping the Driver in the Loop, Take Over Procedures
  • Using AI & Machine Learning in Emotional & Cognitive State Recognition, Real-Time Monitoring & in HMI Development
  • Usability, User Experience, HMI Development Processes & User-Centered Design Principles
  • HUDs, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Holographic Displays, New Interior Lighting Concepts, Latest Display Technologies, Interfaces & Control Trends, External HMIs
  • UX Testing Methods & Tools, Testing Comfort, Trust, Human & Cognitive Factors, Developing Guidelines, Benchmarking, Big Data, Educating the Future Driver

Investments in in-car technologies, future UX and next generation HMI systems are experiencing unprecedented growth and this requires an all-inclusive event platform to bring its key contributors and influences together in the one space.

Driven by generating genuine business connections, Car HMI Europe is committed to showcasing your products, ideas and innovations and ensuring they are shared with the right customers in a new and exciting way.

we understand clients - we go deeper - we transform the experience

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