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Car HMI Europe Award 2022

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The Car HMI Europe award exclusively honors exceptional projects in the automotive industry and celebrates exceptional solutions, innovations and unique development processes in the areas of automotive user experience, UIs and HMI. Our expert jury will review the applications and nominate the best projects. Taking place on the main stage of the CAR HMI Europe, the award ceremony will bring the nominees the recognition they deserve during a live-voting session with the largest community of automotive UI, UX and HMI decision-makers in Europe.


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Award Ceremony: Celebrating the best automotive driving projects at the Car HMI Europe Award Ceremony


June 20, 2022 at 19:15 at the end of day 1


Titanic Chaussee Hotel, Berlin

CAR HMI Europe
Award Benefits

Industry-wide recognition

during the CAR HMI Europe Award Ceremony where all key automotive HMI & UX stakeholders in Europe will be represented.

Media attention

through a CAR HMI Award press release, social media post and media exposure for all the winners, as well as during the ceremony

Boost your project

and foster enthusiasm of your efforts among your colleagues, employees, management and team members.

Help a good cause

as we will select a charity on behalf of the winners and exclusively donate 1.000 € to support their individual projects

CAR HMI Europe Award

trophy and certificate to proudly display in your office

CAR HMI Europe Award logo

available to include on all your marketing materials


Evaluation Criteria

  • INNOVATION – How innovative or unique is the approach?
  • SIMPLICITY – How easy is the project to realize and to maintain?
  • ACHIEVEMENT – What has been improved through the implementation?
  • MATURITY – Is the approach ready to use?
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS – What is the balance of development costs and savings

Facts at a glance


July 2021 – May 25, 2022: Submit your project by filling in the online application form


May 25 – June 01, 2022: Our expert jury will review all the applications


June 01, 2022: The nominees will be announced and asked to prepare a short video presenting their AV projects. The video should be submitted before June 13, 2022.


June 20, 2022: The winners of the CAR HMI Europe Award will be announced during a live-voting session

The Winner of the CAR HMI Europe Award 2021

In 2021, the Car HMI Europe Award in the category ‘Most Innovative Development Process’ went to Luxoft for their LUVRE – Realtime HMI testing in VR. The category ‘Most User-Friendly HMI Product / Feature’ won Mercedes-Benz with their MBUX Augmented Reality Head-up-Display. And Candera won with their Candera’s AI-assisted Smart Importer the Category ‘Most Innovative Application of Machine Learning & AI in Automotive HMI + UX’. Each of the nominees presented their HMI solution via a short video. Via live voting, the Car HMI Europe community voted for their leaders and projects showing outstanding effort in taking user interaction and UX to the next level.

Congratulations to Luxoft, Mercedes-Benz and Candera for winning the CAR HMI Europe Award 2021!

The Winners of 2021

Winner Most Innovative Development Process

Luxoft: LUVRE – Realtime HMI testing in VR

The proud winner of the Car HMI Award 2021 is Luxoft and their LUVRE – Realtime HMI testing in VR. With LUVRE, design changes can be viewed and evaluated in-situ at the click of a button; no waiting, no difficult, lengthy processes; just design, save and reviews.

2nd Place! npk design: Merck dashboard

Dashboard of a concept car that incorporated all the latest possible applications of the Merck products. The materials were the starting point for achieving a pure and unique design for the car interior and exterior. Imagine a new concept in which beauty and technology are combined.

Winner Most User-Friendly HMI Product / Feature

Mercedes-Benz: MBUX Augmented Reality Head-up-Display

The MBUX Augmented Reality Head-up-Display offers an intuitive navigation experience and helps gaining trust in driver assistance functions while letting the driver keep his/her eyes on the road – all that with an high end projector and an augmented reality software that provides high quality positioning and true contact analogy.

2nd Place! Luxoft: ARE

ARE creates a whole new in-car experience: A UX that’s easy, simple and fun to use, frees the driver from distractions, and creates endless possibilities for UI functions.

Winner Most Innovative Application of Machine Learning & AI in Automotive HMI + UX

Candera: Candera’s AI assisted Smart Importer

Candera’s Smart Importer enables all users (including those without programming skills) to automatically generate full functioning HMIs using their designs from any graphics software – opening the door to faster, more efficient HMI creation.

2nd Place!Mercedes-Benz: MBUX Zero Layer

“Zero Layer” is a groundbreaking new approach for an automotive user interface: it combines cutting-edge AI technology, features a fully personalized and context-sensitive user interface including direct access to the most relevant functions, is 100% shaped to the context of use and offers a fully integrated user experience that entirely fits the Mercedes brand experience.

Car HMI Europe Award
Terms & Conditions


No applications for the Car HMI Europe Award will be considered after May 19, 2022. All details must be submitted in English. The submitted application should be related to an HMI / UX project at your company. Only projects that have been implemented or are already in an implementation phase are being considered. The implementation of the project must not date back longer than 2 years. Projects that have been awarded the Car HMI Europe Award before may not apply again. The jury will only consider applicants who have completed the award application with all required details and will nominate projects for each category. Decisions of the jury are final and may not be disputed. The jury will adhere to our award guidelines. By submitting your application, you agree to the terms & conditions of we.CONECT.


All nominees will be asked to prepare a 2 minute-long video showcasing their project. Style, format and content can be based on individual/corporate design. The video will be shown live on stage at the award ceremony on June 20, 2022. Failure to provide a video/presentation may result in disqualification. All nominees must attend the award ceremony or send a representative.


Besides being used for evaluation purposes, the information provided by applicants may be published on further channels by we.CONECT Global Leaders GmbH. We reserve the right to publish your project under your name and company name respectively. It is therefore advisable to ensure that all submissions are fully approved by your organization before applying.

Your Contact Person for the Car HMI Europe Award

Sarah Schubert
Marketing Manager
Automotive Smart Mobility Series
Phone: +49 (0)30 52 10 70 3 – 268
Email: sarah.schubert@we-conect.com

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